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22nd June 2014


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24th April 2012

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Automated Search Bar Poem: dog cat wolf whistle “damn that bitch” “is fine” whistle wolf cat dog

  1. 11237 - Fubar Users 1
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    We have five wonderful children, three rowdy dogs, and a few annoying cats. I live in Ohio with my fiancee our three dogs, five cats, and two gerbils. ….. I also love music, have taught myself how to play the piano, guitar, Irish Whistle, and violin. never stop loving him. for Example :did you see erric…damn that bitch is fine!
  2. Fubar Blog Posts 3
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    Then I whistle and they jump right back into this ice >chest and I take ‘em home. …. I’m HAITIAN so I MUST eat cat. ….. Kim- The Truth About Cats and Penis (Dogs) …… It must be love Damn that bitch just got him again…. go pick on the shit hawk …… Ware wolf & Runs out to the second story Balcony & Jumps off Fast Forward.
  3. Fubar Blog Posts 4
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    In the smoldering ashes, stray dogs looked for cooked flesh. ….. Ms. D Cat woman= Reeka Hulk= MOP Daredevil= Crimson Knight Storm= Amykins Sweetness~* Club F.A.R Team Captain~@ fubar KRISTIN’S DEMON WOLF- …… Personalised dragon pic from Blooky (*whistles innocently*) Jasmine swearing, just for you.
  4. Random images - Chan4Chan…/146 - United StatesCached
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    Stu: get that dog out of my way - there’s some ass back there I wanna see ! Rule 34 goat wolf. rule 34 goat wolf …. Anonymous: Damn she is fine! Nice for ….. Anonymous: Cat likes pigs in blankets, 1301335120556 ….. You always come running when we whistle! ….. Westin: damn, that bitch is pregnant, 1301883992443 
  5. Random images - Chan4Chan…/155 - United StatesCached
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    are 9062 tags. Most popular: Japan thread cat 4chan Photo FAIL Science fffuuu …. Anonymous: Damn she is fine! Nice for …… Anonymous: I’m American, and we hardly ever eat dog shit, so this is fail. You always come running when we whistle! …… Anonymous: timber wolf…just so i can say ive had a wolf up ma butt!
  6. [PDF] 

    An Amorous Thing

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    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    what he is, other than the fact that he’s some kind of dog/wolf thing, but that doesn’t …. My mother says she’s been trying to bring a cat up to the deck for the past
  7. Сленговые словари английского языка

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    Sometimes shortened to ‘the dogs' or 'the bollocks' and often changed to ….. arching for it, (like a cat on heat) a term sometimes used to describe a young lady …… blow the whistle on, Vrb phrs. …… cushty, (also kushty) general word meaning everything is fine or that something has been resolved. …… Rustler, Predator, wolf.
  8. Part 3 - Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository

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    "Listen kids," Laura said, "everything is fine, but I wanted you all to start getting ready, ……Damn that bitch,” Katrina said angrily, “I told her to leave you all alone! …… Lana, who had frozen at the sound too said, “That sounded like a wolf, like more …… She suddenly gave a loud whistle and after a few minutes a large German
  9. Official Joke Thread (merged) [Archive] - Page 4 - Dodge Charger › … › Off-Topic Area › Charger Chat LoungeCached
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    100+ posts - 32 authors - 26 Aug 2008
    But, just as she had said, the dog just lay there on the carpet …… set to work and ten minutes later the engine was purring like a cat again. …… Two of the guys let out wolf whistles and stared their eyes out, but …… “I said, ‘No, everything is fine. ….. The wife’s face slowly turns red with anger: “Damn that bitch!

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  10. [PDF] 

    Untitled - BookRix

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    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    cat eyes as I did. But his “The man of the wolves' blood,” he said, “A true mate for one such as you.” I laughed …… “It is fine. You didn’t understand and that hurt you, but you must heal now. …… My sharp whistle went up into the air and called out with magic to the night sky. After ….. Damn that bitch! …… to be hunted, dog.

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  1. The Seven Fold Way - Order of Nine Angles
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    Then I had a beautiful white and grey husky-wolf mix with two eye colors named …. My home made blowguns actually killed lizards, but not birds or cats or dogs. …… Then others will read what stuff I write and they’ll be like: “Damn! That bitch can do …… you ask, and comes to you effortlessly with a simple gesture or whistle.
  2. [DOC] 

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    File Format: Microsoft Word - Quick View
    They strolled over to a hot dog pushcart and got a couple with onions and He an Tiny an some other cat just copped from Windy and before Joey emptied the dropper he was gone jim. …… to the audience and she could hear the applause and the wolf whistles. …… The weight is fine. …… Damn, that bitch sure can sleep.
  3. Unca Harlan’s Art Deco Pavilion: Archives
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    9 Jul 2010 – I assured her that my dog is, indeed, a boy, who was neutered, and …… Crows, squirrels, rats, cats, et all put a big dent in the songbird …… Certainly his mannerisms and demeanor (and accent) have remained British - which is fine by me …… opening cast of characters and no bells and whistles are going off.
  4. Adult Puns [Archive] - Free Porn & Adult Videos Forum › … › Entertainment › Adult HumorCached
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    Cat: Why do I have to shit in this smelly pan? Let me sleep, you pathetic shit. Dogs are shit. I do not do unelegant things like shit, I excrete. And never in the
  5. [RTF] 

    Mercedes Lackey

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    by M Lackey - Cited by 1 - Related articles
    It’s too late for wolves, and too early for mountain-cats. I hope. …… The mare came to her whistle and stood quietly while she saddled and bridled her. She felt
  6. Ties of Darkness - Printable Version

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    3 May 2008 – The copy Shyra stretch like a wild cat on the roof and continued in pursuit, “No, everything is fine. ….. Below him, from the roof of the temple, Ren could see a wolf, …… It takes a bit before Eilfy identifies the creature as a dog but when she …. He went back and sat on Eilfys bed, and with a whistle, he called
  7. Hex in High Heels › Books - Fiction › Romance
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    Not train whistles. …. “Says the guy who once turned into a dog to save my life. who was arrayed in a ….. a fight. but he hadn’t forgotten. author of Seduced by the Storm praise for the cat star ….. We’re talking bags of burning wolf shit all over the place up there. giving the …… “Are you sure eating at Grady’s is fine with you?
  8. Image archive - Chan4Chan…/158- United StatesCached
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    There are 9049 tags. Most popular: Japan thread cat 4chan Photo FAIL Science fffuuu …… Stu: get that dog out of my way - there’s some ass back there I wanna see ! Anonymous: Not a goat, not wolves. Gazelle and Hyenas …. Anonymous: Damn she is fine! Nice for …… You always come running when we whistle! Lollers
  9. Naruto: The Ninja Path Main RP Thread [Archive] - Page 5 - Naruto › … › Outskirts of Konoha › Roleplaying ForumCached
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    15 Jan 2010 – Sparrow whistles audibly in awe as she eyes the incredibly sharp ……Damn, that bitch couldn’t wait, as expected of her”. ….. He scratched softly at the back of his wolf ears, that was one of his …. Mission Title: Pengu The Bounty Hunter Cat …… Her body would give the little dog some shade to cool him off
  10. Re-Ordered by DrT Chapter 1 . Chapter I Friday, August 11, 1995
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    "Because I’m a werewolf and you’re a dog animagus,” Remus said. He came Damn, that bitch was fast! ….. One long blast on my referee’s whistle means that Mister Potter has forfeited mercy. …… “I’ll answer to any of those, but of course in a classroom setting, just ‘Mister Potter’ is fine,” Harry answered. …… Viper or wolf.

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  1. Elizabeth Lowell - Rarities Unlimited 03 - Die In Plain Sight

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    18 Aug 2011 – Everything is fine with those I love. And if she told …. The dog at Ward’s feet wagged its tail, dreaming along in key. …… This one was a cat-slim male dressed entirely in shades of black …… not, you’ve just waved a plate of pate under a wolf’s sensitive nose.” …… With a soundless whistle, he opened the door.
  2. 社会保険労務士になれなかった男のブログ: 消えた1ドルの話。
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    4 Jan 2005 – Tylenol recall. from Is tylenol pm safe for dogs. Tylenol 3. Tylenol …… book: Amazon : the pill book guide to medication for your dog and cat. Powell’s books …… gray wolf divas afghanistan south korea ninel conde medieval google search …… damn that bitch is fine …… clicks and whistles computer language

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24th April 2012

Text with 2 notes

Automated Search Bar Poem: dog cat wolf whistle damn that bitch is fine whistle wolf cat dog

  1. Is wolf whistling sexual harassment - Mamamia

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    6 days ago – Catcalls, sexist comments, public masturbation, groping and assault make It gives me ego when they wolf whistle like cowboys, makes me want …. next to me, stuck his head out the window, and barked like a dog at me. …. I ignored them, so then they called me a bitch and a c*nt. ….. I’m sure you’ll be fine.
  2. Sorority Boys Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or movie

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    [ lndistinct shouting ] [ Laughter ] lf the boys at K. O.K. want war, then D.O.G . will sense in stayin’ inside # — [ Spits, coughs ] # lf the weather’s fine and you’ve got the [ Door creaks ] [ Cheering , whistling ] [ All chanting ] The girl was fair who went ….. years… despite the constant migraines and the expensive C A T scans?
  3. All Animals Are Dogs - Television Tropes & Idioms - Similar
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    I’m drawing this cat as if it were my dog. Canines, particularly wolves (the probable ancestor of dogs), have a number of traits that A McDonald’s commercial from a few years back had darn near the exact same situation, and ….. villain Shriek releases a high-frequency sound similar to a dog whistle all over Gotham City.
  4. pack Lyrics

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    WOLF PACK MAKE YA BOOTY BOUNCE BOPPER BEND BREATHE STRETCH BITCH LET IT GO LET IT GO WOLF PACK MAKE YA BOOTY …. Verse 1- Mami hello make it wiggle like jello And like juelz can u make me whistle like a kettle That Stick Like A Vet Yea Imma Dog Chase Cat Like A Vet Ayy Yea Make The Pus
  5. Dog - Chan4Chan - United StatesCached
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    Anonymous: funny how it’s saying “dog" when i saw this on cutest cats couple minutes ago. 1334680163658 …. Wolf 6: The only lol worthy part was the random “Hooray”. …. InsanitySK: damn, i need to get me some of that O.O lol, 1248477733298 ….. 4chansucks: i hope this bitch dies and gets shown off in the same manner.
  6. Most Idiotic People You Meet While Walking Your Dog › … › Dogs and Dog Breeds › Dog TrainingCached
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    Dogs, cats, and even squirrels, are not permitted to trespass on private …. I’m a “troublemaker” and a “psycho bitch" for walking my dog NEAR his house. him from across the road while whistling and talking in a high pitched voice. sammeewolf 2 months ago ….. You don’t mind dogs stopping on your lawn and that is fine.
  7. Don’t Put Grandpa in a Comma : Random Funny Picture | Funny…/dont-put-grandpa-in-a-com…- United StatesCached
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    Animals Animated baby Bacon beer car Cars Cartoon cat Cats Christmas comics Computers dog dogs Drunk elin facebook Fail fat Food funny pictures gif girl
  8. Do Dogs Have Lips? - Tastes Like Chicken - Similar
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    Cut Chemist: Well if they did, they could whistle. Jim Breuer: Well whatever they have, they use it to sniff other dog’s rear ends. ….. Wade: Aw, bitch, whatever! …. ‘Cause they’re all pretty damn good at licking their own balls and then smackin’ them lips My cat doesn’t have lips. A wolf is a canine, right? ….. That’s fine.
  9. Outrageous Aussie Sayings

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    Don’t whip the cat. Don’t cry over split milk. 28, Game! He’s as game as Ned Kelly. He’ll have a go. 52, Mean! He was so mean he wouldn’t even let his dog drink
  10. Pet Peeves from the dog

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    Your dog eats cat poop, but you still let her kiss you (but not immediately afterward, of course). You like …. Irish Springer, a dog fresh and clean as a whistle

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  1. Fire in the Mist by Holly Lisle - Baen Books

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    Faia hugged her mother again, then whistled for the dogs. …. She carried memories of packs of wolves, sudden snow-squalls, avalanches, big mountain cats,
  2. The Lone Wolf > The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog -

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    The Lone Wolf » The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog Report …. “It should swing open just fine, but it’ll take a bit of effort. …. Ahuizotl hissed at her, like a cat, before letting his claws slide out, and A sudden burst of speed, followed by the faint whistling of the whip before it Give my best to Emperor Palpatine, bitch.
  3. Broadcast Yourself. - YouTube

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    I am a 63-year-old female and I can wolf whistle much better than this guy. …. DAMN IT!! i keep on thinkin im doin the whistle but no its the damn guy… makes me vry pissed off …… i dont get why guys do this to women we’re females not dogs. ….. You have just been visited by Dr. Suess’s cat in the hat, he will grant you one
  4. Cats and Dogs
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    They all looked so damn wholesome, waggling their grass skirts and coconut The combination of the ridiculous bobbing phallic baseball bat (going limp with a dismayed whistle) Pity he hadn’t strangled the bitch when he had the chance. …… not likely to mistake a cat-mutate for a wolf-mutate, but if so, where was he?
  5. - A big list of cliches, Euphemisms, sayings and figures of

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    and we’re not just whistling dixie bill the cat. BIRDS AND THE BEES birds of a feather flock together …. CURRY FAVOR CUT A FINE FIGURE DOG IN THE MANGER dog tired dog will hunt doggone doing a slow burn …. GIVE A DAMN …… to cry wolf to each his own. TO ERR IS HUMAN to err is human, to forgive divine
  6. Instinct Chapter 1, a supernatural fanfic - FanFiction.Net
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    Dean and Sam are werewolves that get captured by an enemy were-cat colony Were-cats and werewolves have long been enemies, like regular cats and dogs. that forced people either as wolves, cats, or the rarer eagles that are rumored to the appreciative glance the were-cat sent our way, followed by a low whistle.
  7. English Idioms - Sayings and Slang

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    let the cat out of the bag raining cats and dogs scaredy cat so small you could clean a clean bill of health a new broom sweeps clean as clean as a whistle clean on clotheslined clotheslined (hockey) clothing a wolf in sheep’s clothing wolf in column comb a fine-toothed comb fine-toothed comb come blow to kingdom
  8. Meet The Parents Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or Ben

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    A dog is very easy to break, but cats make you work for their affection. - They don’t ….. [Wolf Whistle] G-Man, we got salmon, we got swordfish. What’s it gonna be
  9. At Last | My Blog

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    The long-haired, black cat blinked up at her with coppery eyes and let loose one of his The job, the house, everything in her life was darn near perfect right now–a surprising …. The sound of a wolf whistle drew her attention to Charlie Carter, an aging furniture …. But if you ask me, he’s looking for somebody’s dog to kick.
  10. How to make your dog obey and behave - Similar
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    Or any fine. Anyway, could simple spray overwhelm a dog that’s giving 100% attention to its attack? Whistles? ….. The library books were telling me that dogs are a type of wolf. ….. Dogs are also distantly related to other meat eaters, like cats, foxes, …… Even a bitch will try to get her bum higher up the tree to have a pee.

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  1. Archon 28 Pirates of the Caribbean Interactive (Rocky Horror style

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    Whenever anyone says Commodore Norrington’s name, wolf-whistle (even the men!) …. After Elizabeth falls in and one redcoat tells Jack, “I can’t swim”: “I only dog paddle” in your best After the maid comments “He’s a fine man, too” and Elizabeth says “That is too bold,” make loud meowing and cat hissing noises
  2. The Cool Cats Unlimited blog
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    16 Apr 2012 – Sitting watching TV, those damn commercials are boring so I ….. been running shirtless (I know insert wolf whistle here… yeah right) and in I do eat quite a bit and I kind of like pie - not so much hot dogs, so it could workout. Bitch please! …. Alas, headed out, 15 minute warm-up shins felt fine (well, better
  3. Northland « New Zealand North To South
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    The cat and dog had no problem surviving when left alone. A wolf whistle made me turn. ….. Damn feet! …. A blue sky and lack of wind heralded a fine day for walking. I felt confident, but now knew not to underestimate the “Ninety Mile Bitch” (that awesome nick-name another Te Araroa tramper applied to The Beach).
  4. Sarah’s Dog - By Umgestalten - United StatesCached
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    She wanted to have dogs and cats in the house and other beasts outside. She wanted to raise livestock and hoped to breed dogs and cats. I felt that they were a
  5. Sealab 2021 - Wikiquote - Similar
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    "I will slaughter them like a wolf among lambs! Oh what fun it is to eat that damn damn dolphin meat. …. not really, but yeah, that, and the time I made you shave your cat, oh, and the time I said you’re a motherfuckin’ pistol, your very hard nipples are worth every wolf whistle, ….. Whoo, the big dogs in. …. Stormy: I’m fine!
  6. This Dog Is Large-ish
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    I think the photography there’s a little trick-ish but the dog is genuinely huge. Posted by: cat at April 13, 2012 06:11 PM (udEUT) Are they like Irish Wolfhounds in longevity etc? …. 46 I didn’t even know the bitch smoked. ….. 119 Imagine the size of his whistles! …. 147 Tammy, she doesn’t retrieve a god damn thing
  7. "Night School" - a Story of Sembia by Clayton Emery

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    A dog’s snarl made Escevar jump and cannon into Tamlin. Escevar Then some unseen doghandler piped from the gloomy trees, a sharp whistle. With a and thought yet again Vox must have orcish or ogrish blood to see in the dark like a cat. ….. We thought they were famished wolves that slipped into the city after cattle.
  8. Sound-Byte Lists Provided By E.E.S. - Electronic Energy Source

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  9. Introduction to - Harlan Ellison Webderland - Similar
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    Introduction to White Wolf’s EDGEWORKS 2  “I asked you: what was that tune you were whistling? “Now why the hell would I be whistling that? ….. firehouse dog chasing a red truck; and I have no idea what happened to old W.W. Scott. …. of the table and puts out the cat’s eye so that it runs amuck in the kitchen and lands
  10. The Grey Wolves Series - Quinn Loftis Books
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    Book 4 of the Grey Wolves Series: Out Of The Dark Synopsis and Chapter 1 …. mouth and let out an ear-piercing whistle – which was even more piercing for the wolves, ….. I mean, at least Cat Woman has a whip and — depending on the comic book Fine, but hurry up and go with him or he’ll tear the damn bar apart, and I

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28th March 2012

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automated search bar poem: “they paint houses don’t they”

  1. Question about greying hair and vanity [Archive] - BibleForums › … › General › Women at the wellCached
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    20 Mar 2009 – When I (not seriously) debated the vanity of makeup & hair color with my sister she replied, “They paint houses don’t they?”

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  1. Quality Decorating London

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    20 years of decorating experience, internal and external decorating

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28th March 2012

Text with 2 notes

automated search bar poem: they paint houses don’t they

  1. I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank “The Irishman › … › True Accounts › Organized CrimeCached - Similar
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    "I Heard You Paint Houses" and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? …. one occasion, “I’ll be a Hoffa man ‘til they pat my face with a shovel and steal my cufflinks” - Sheeran acknowledged that
  2. BARNES & NOBLE | I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank “the Irishman…paint-houses…/1100395620Cached
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     Rating: 4 - 32 votes - $3.66 to $11.55
    I heard you paint houses are the first words Jimmy Hoffa ever spoke to Frank the Irishman Sheeran. To paint a house is Don’t miss out on today’s irresistible deal.Buy Now · NOOK ….. Sometimes you see that with guys when they first get out.
    Overview - Editorial Reviews - Product Details - Meet the Author
  3. "Work" Word Problems

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    Explains the ‘trick’ to ‘work’ word problems (such as two people painting a room, how long it will take the two of them to paint the house when they work together. The method of solution for work problems is not obvious, so don’t feel bad if
  4. Let Adzookie paint the house & they'll pay your mortgage

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    13 May 2011 – At the end of the agreement, Adzookie will paint the house back to its original colors. Well over the $100K. So even if they only end up painting a couple But, if you don’t use a real first and last name (as opposed to your
  5. [PDF] 

    John Grisham- A Painted House

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    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    by J Grisham - Cited by 8 - Related articles
    the cotton fields with his parents and grandparents in a little house that’s never been painted. The Chandlers farm eighty acres that they rent, not own, and when
  6. How to Paint a House Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic - FanFiction.Net
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    22 Jun 2011 – Now when I say boys, I don’t mean that in any sort of territorial way. They weren’t my boys, they weren’t our boys…they were boys who looked
  7. John Grisham » A Painted House Excerpt
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    “If we can find them. Eli says they don’t come down like they used to. He also thinks they're all half crazy. Where's Champ?” Champ was the store's ancient
  8. Can you paint one room of the house while your two-month-old is in › … › Home Improvement › Painting and StainingCached - Similar
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    Even if paint fumes don’t make him sick they can certainly be unpleasant. Your children Yes, you can safely paint with a infant in the house. Check with your
  9. DeNiro I Heard You Paint Houses - Similar
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    2 Oct 2008 – Don’t worry Captain…we always knew you were a whoopsie!” I was also relieved that they changed the name of the male lead from Tristran
  10. Student Curb Service Real or Scam? - The Next Corner - Similar

    by Dennis Goedegebuure · in 2,551 Google+ circles
    Last week, we got a notice our number of the house was newly painted on the …. As they say in the note, this is a suggested contribution, you don’t have to pay it!
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  1. Popular Paint Colors - Interior Color Ideas - House Beautiful › Decorating & Ideas › ColorCached - Similar
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    Color experts from leading paint companies tell us what they see as the hot color for It has a cleanness to it that most of the yellow-based neutrals don’t have.
  2. The Best Toronto Painters Don’t Just Paint, They Restore Your House
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    4 Feb 2012 – The biggest problem for consumers in the painting industry is the nature of painting itself: that is, the evaluation of a paint job is blind. Paint
  3. They Also Serve Who Paint Houses - Living in My Oblivion…/they-also-serve-who-paint-houses.htm…Cached
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    5 Jan 2012 – They Also Serve Who Paint Houses Barton: You don’t understand. I don’t remember the exact number, but we are talking, I kid you not,
  4. Painting Contractors - House Painters | Mass Painters - United StatesCached
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    Expert painting contractors and house painters. painters are not just good at painting; we can also carry out small repair jobs so that you don’t have to They were very helpful with recommending colors for our 4 bedrooms and were able to
  5. Make Bank Painting Houses - Untemplater — Untemplater - Similar
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    14 Jan 2010 – Also, don’t even get me started about some of the painting mishaps that If they like you, they won’t care that you have never touched a
  6. Colors to Paint a House: Where to Get Free House Paint Colors
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    House paints can’t be stored forever, so don’t be shy about offering to accept some of your friends’. Most likely, they will thank you, because now they don’t have
  7. I don’t paint my house….htmlCached
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    I don’t paint my house… There are people out there who like doing these things, who are experts at doing them. They do them for a living. Professional marketing
  8. nthposition online magazine: I heard you paint houses

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    I Heard You Paint Houses is a taped narration by 83-year-old Frank Sheeran of his life as a Indeed, the title does “suck”, but don’t let the title fool you. He took little Sheeran to farms where they would steal vegetables, flee steps ahead of
  9. Is it safe to paint or be around paint fumes during pregnancy › Pregnancy › Is It Safe? › Home & WorkCached - Similar
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    You can have someone else paint your house using oil-based paints, Just ask your local paint store - if they don’t know right away, they can easily find out.
  10. They've hit homes with paint bombs, pipe bombs and petrol bombs…/theyve-hit-homes-with-paint-bombs-pipe-bom…Cached
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    20 Jun 2011 – They've hit homes with paint bombs, pipe bombs and petrol bombs.” …. I don’t seem to recall the GAA trampling through Protestant estates,

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25th March 2012

Text with 6 notes

in the wheeling branches

in the 10,000 acres

in the oh my god the bright lights burst

in the pickpocketting heresy; wanton/wonton nightmare

haha, ha ha, ha ha

big love Big Love i give freely

(that’s what you get, darling,
for picking a fruit like me).

damn you Best Internet Poet for a while i couldn’t write,

now i can’t write unless i’m half cut.

I Will Sleep Before the Dawn

i promise i promise i promise

hyper text-

just tech; no narcissism


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22nd March 2012

Text with 2 notes

no there is nothing wrong
the shock blurs away leaving timeless light

i have walked in my garden i have walked there in the rain
if you pace in my garden there are four strides then a turning stride
i have walked in my garden i have walked there in the rain

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20th March 2012

Photo with 4 notes

poem with Mazahir Hussain

poem with Mazahir Hussain

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19th March 2012

Text with 2 notes

automated search bar poem: ;”eastern europe” DIRECTOR “POLICE STATE” “experimental film” compound jewellery photographer monitoring’

"eastern europe" DIRECTOR "POLICE STATE" "experimental film" compound jewellery photographer monitoring

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  1. Boy;Fight;Jealousy;Spaceman
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    Into The Air;Bully;Reference To Marie Antoinette;Dog As Gift;Piggy Bank;Product …… California;Gun;Macaw;Sex;Photograph;Independent Film; 47: Director …. On Camera Lens;Experimental Film;Police;Implied Incest;Scorpion;Reference To …… Mask;Police State;Poem;Android;Cloning;2100s;Vegetable; 153: Barrister
  2. cleanp lo ts.txt - The Logrus

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    Dogfight Aerial Photography Aerial Refueling Aerial Sports Aerialist Aerobics …. Art Director Art Exhibition Art Film Art Forgery Art Gallery Art Historian Art History …. On Comic Book Based On Comic Strip Based On Commercial Based On Cult …… Easter Island Easter Uprising Eastern Dandy Eastern Europe Eastern Front
  3. This is the Keywords List Maintained by

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    (1) aerial-combat (51) aerial-photography (37) aerial-refueling (3) aerobics (71) ….. (37) art-director (18) art-exhibition (48) art-film (46) art-forgery (10) art-gallery …… easter-island (6) easter-uprising (2) eastern-dandy (2) eastern-europe (46) ….. (4) experimental-film (1053) experimental-house (1) experimental-narrative
  4. United States 321800 England 169738 Country 147599 - By stillinbeta
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    blacklist 6588 Australian 6584 President of the United States 6571 Cheshire …. Random House 3548 Bahamas 3547 Eastern Europe 3545 Epidendroideae 3027 National 3025 mandolin 3024 NY 3023 fencer 3021 photography 3020 ….. 1489 commercial 1488 Modern Rock Tracks 1488 Communist Party of China
  5. bigrams.wikititles - MIT
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    two weeks the club used books the sky the poor executive director the principal a …. sox nothing but the few eastern europe national association off topic the boy the photography the investigation slot machines to survive the senior product …… xvi one song the vintage his world police state one god appropriations act de
  6. British National Studios‘C’-Word-British-National-Studi…Cached
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    In May 2007 this newspaper reported Aaron Reid, executive director of …. The product pictured at the top of this post is the “Politically Correct, …… decks, the garage and gate house engage the site, forming an outdoor compound. …… It became a witticism to say his only successor was the fashion photographer Cecil Beaton.
  7. From treborscholz at Mon Apr 1
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    Israeli forces have attacked the Presidential compound, and are now holding Palestinian …… 30 - SOURCES Jean Gagnon, Director of Programs, Daniel Langlois ….. [Note 21] Here science and mathematics are used to generate a police-state technology. …… There is no relation to commercial photography in our work.
  8. Victorian Spirit…Cached
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    15 Apr 2010 – That’s a track record most directors would contemplate with intense pride, yet it’s only and the son of recent Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe. His more fanatical former associates in the experimental film world accused Crown Film Unit, long after he had made the move into commercial cinema.
  9. Events | › Events
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    Tags - Issues - commercial fishing, Tags - Issues - commercial seal hunt, Tags …… Tags - Issues - Eastern Ave. detention centre, Tags - Issues - eastern europe ….. Tags - Issues - experimental education, Tags - Issues - experimental film …… paul occupy hitler new economy police state world order tax austerity orwell 2011 
  10. $100-a-plate dinner $64 question 10 Downing Street 101 10th 1200
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    black-and-white photograph black-and- …. board lot board of directors …… director directorate directorship directory enquiries directory directress direful direfully

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26th September 2011

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Logo of Signalism movement in Serbian literature, designed by Miroljub Todorović, one of my personal favorites in modern Serbian poetry.
man maybe dead walk man maybe walk dead man dead maybe walk man dead walk maybe man walk dead maybe
man maybe man dead man walk
maybe man maybe dead maybe walk
dead man dead maybe dead walk
man man man man man maybe man man dead man man walk
mybe dead man maybe dead maybe maybe dead dead maybe dead walk
dead dead man dead dead mybe dead dead dead dead dead walk
walk walk man walk walk maybe walk walk dead walk walk walk
(M. Todorović, Permutational poetry, 1970.)


Logo of Signalism movement in Serbian literature, designed by Miroljub Todorović, one of my personal favorites in modern Serbian poetry.



man maybe dead walk
man maybe walk dead
man dead maybe walk
man dead walk maybe
man walk dead maybe


man maybe
man dead
man walk


maybe man
maybe dead
maybe walk


dead man
dead maybe
dead walk


man man man
man man maybe
man man dead
man man walk


mybe dead man
maybe dead maybe
maybe dead dead
maybe dead walk


dead dead man
dead dead mybe
dead dead dead
dead dead walk


walk walk man
walk walk maybe
walk walk dead
walk walk walk

(M. Todorović, Permutational poetry, 1970.)

Tagged: neoavantgardepoetrysignaldesignSerbia

10th September 2011

Text with 27 notes

As I Travelled from the post-industrial cities of England to meet Charlie in the towns of Mississippi, written now we have returned together or
As You Watch Me Learn What Travelling Does or SATORI IN PARIS DIDN’T DO WHAT I WANTED IT TO (No Physical Landscapes Save Those That Are Busy Dissolving)

the sky bursts between the dogwood trees above you
and i follow the footsteps of seasons to find you,
through the being-place between places-
where word turns traitor and image has swallowed hisself
(losing there what i need not find again, as story has been told before),
to where you are standing on knowing what sleeps in southern dirt,
to what i thought i knew better.

with my wild eyes i was watching the in-fra-shtruc-ture, in infra-red
buildings for buildings
gasp over sigh
c-c-cuircutry bare

o ye heads of many waking to face the same sunrise/spring-dream promise ev-ery goddamn yearr,
she has a new dress each day of this and every coming century just 4 u and yours.

History means to teach us
that nothing ever changes…
but very first day on the job were his hands tied-
he couldn’t ever catch a dollar he didn’t earn pouring
his own blood into our soft ears,
and well that spilt like milk no less,
so the world’s echoing dead and we still-breathing living remain little Known in the world’s own thoughts.

…in the notes prepared and read by the covetous priviledged
i think he say
that there is no time cept movement
and that always always we think we lost, but we blind to the current,
but we blind to the current, as usual.
if you want i could say well if it isn’t irony.
then again reason being with endless that we have again made of ourselves a language-lock: meaning that which is seeable is at once unfeelable,
what we create/d and what consumes us being currently a truth too valuable to actually be touched-
red velvet rope, not yours;
much too much to take in,
stand and stare and shake your plucky head,
it will be over, again, ripe and ready to begin, but not by y/our hand,
mark the words.
and i say this for sympathy for the boy at the back of the antebellum america class who didn’t really get it and who we laughed at for he shouted out at the wrong time but with the right idea he didn’t fully comprehend and worried-at too much “ROME!”

well all the while we panick and frantick because we cannot find from whence cometh the word s with which we change
for our children
for our children’s children//
because no promise can be fulfilled
so every speaker and so every word is a liar and a lie
but beguiled by this no man can find a way to make theirself remember
that when we need to we will always Know again that there is no need for words when words are prayed for at their actual silent-loudest
despite a thousand perfect prophecies from your very own tongue you will not access your knowing that thought is always infact an afterthought
sat infront of stories gaping mouthed
while it is always happening

you and i caught it through the wireless, tho
what was happening in and around us
(when we were back in handsworth)
watching with mosaic-mind
outside time-passing,
us finally old enough for the blood to have its weight
and i
i have every patience and oh such faith
in the honesty of violence
in the process of knowing that we have worn out our language
and in that our people of our western learning never again need bother to try
to play midwife to another morning,
and I will watch with you
and I will wait,
with a whole and placeless heart.

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25th August 2011

Photo reblogged from Dead Paper with 247 notes


take photographs
with your eyes;
the entire world
is before you
and your mind never
runs out of film.

yes it


take photographs

with your eyes;

the entire world

is before you

and your mind never

runs out of film.

yes it


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15th August 2011

Text reblogged from pasta blaster with 32 notes

you are


you are tenements and motorway
service stations that won’t hello me when I stop to buy
cigarettes. you are the contempt of
cities that refuse to respond to my good mornings.
you are the wariness of parents forever telling their
children don’t speak to strangers. you are mute and can’t
muster a good morning. you are
human shadows in dark alleyways unravelling into ashes.
you are cold and unwell and you stink of dead animals. you
love America. you go unloved. you are
homes with nobody in them. your rivers stink. your
rivers stink of dead animals. why are there criminals
taking dead animals out of your stinking rivers?
you are the businessmen who I wait with every
morning who might as well be criminals and don’t hello me back
when I wait with them for the nine am each morning.
you are a snake but smell like a worm.
you are a long journey.
you are cold and too tired to muster a good morning.

why are there children in your rivers
fishing for dead animals?

you are all tenements and motorway service stations,
four bedroom homes with nobody in them.

Tagged: poetryprose

26th July 2011

Text with 1 note

if you try to stop us
will you be able to stand the heat through the wall?
if you try to stop us
will you lie low enough to lose the smoke?
we are bending the tops of the willow trees
hold your tongue- can’t you see how it
(red red red red!)
will wave its eager claws
through our open windows?
it would blacken the ugly fingers of the butterfly bushes
where they’ve grown to watch us over the garden wall
and the smell would settle into the tarmac and the cracks
that gawp between the paving slabs- and this grey town would
never lose us
and the dust would coat all you own
and long after we’re gone you
would hear us in the dark

see in our smiles! it is falling-from bridges!
it is cold-bedsheets!
it is parting-their-river!
it is red-bloom-in-water!
and it is eyes-wide-open!
if you try to stop us it
will eat through walls and ceilings
and this town would never lose us
and you would hear us in the dark.

Our feet don’t meet the earth
This quiet night won’t last
We are bending the tops of the willow trees
hold your tongue.

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17th March 2011


When I first had her inner child, I forgot to feed, clothe, and bathe him-
he rebelled against I and took his body to the streets.

Then I was the yuppie philanthropist
who took pity on her inner child and brought him in
out of the cold.
but I was busy with the boom, and never home, and I hid the guilt with toys and gifts.
I spoilt her inner child, because he was her only one,

until I realised I hadn’t taught him right from wrong-
and then I was
the self-help consultant I hired
to keep him out of rehab.

Now I watches him blog about
new york
in flying colours,
while I works all day
trying to figure out
how to make seismographs
of the human consciousness
in a sea-port town
where the industry left
and only the dirt, the stench, and The Beatles remained.

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